Your Partner in Plate Production

Frimax is a Spanish company established in 1991, dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of machines mainly for high speed production of lead-acid batteries. In 2014 Frimax joined Labayen y Laborde group, and within this group, continues its industrial development. Frimax offers to the battery industry a wide range of products such as decoilers, drum pasters, dividers, plate stackers, palletizers, different accessories, spare parts, consumables, etc.

Our drum paster is capable of pasting grids manufactured using any of the processes employed today with an uniform amount of paste, equal weights and constant thickness pressed onto both sides of the grid without bubbles or hollow areas.

Our professional team offers technical support to our customers when planning the purchase and installation of a complete line or any improvement or repair on the existing lines offering customized solutions. Years of experience and a deep knowledge on battery production makes of Frimax a reliable supplier of products and services.

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