The Company was established in 1991 in Guadalajara, Spain to offer technical guidance and maintenance of machinery to battery manufacturer companies. Shortly, FRIMAX started the design and production of different automatic machines for diverse sectors.

In 1994, the wide knowledge of our personnel on storage-batteries focused the business on the design and development of machines for the production of lead-acid batteries. FRIMAX did not abandon completely the manufacture of special purpose machines on request for different industries where we still have a market.

FRIMAX was joined to Labayen y Laborde group in 2014, company founded in 1905 that starts the manufacture of cutting units in year 1975. Since then, Labayen y Laborde has specialized its activity on customized designs of toolings, knives and cutting machinery for different industries becoming a recognized manufacturer by the most important companies in many different countries. FRIMAX within this group, continues offering personalized solutions to the high-speed production battery industry.

We count on a high qualified team ready to offer individual solutions to any specific requirement from our customers. Our continued investment in R+D allows us to offer reliable, durable and high-quality products suited to the most exigent customers.

FRIMAX designs and manufactures complete manufacture lines to produce batteries but also offers single stations to complete existing lines or even components and consumables such as knives, rotary cutters, etc.

Our technical personnel, whenever it is required, will make a professional evaluation of the real necessities and advice about the best solution for every customer’s need. We render services such as starting up and installation of machines, maintenance, repair, sharpening of cutting units, replacement of spare parts, etc. even of lines not manufactured by FRIMAX.

Our machines are produced by experienced personnel with the best materials, production processes and a deep knowledge of the product.

All these facts have made of FRIMAX a reference around the world, supplying to many different countries. The number of satisfied customers keeps enlarging and we are proud to have among our most valuable customers the biggest battery manufacturers. This is our best guarantee.